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In Romania the execution of construction is allowed only on the basis of a construction allow demolition.Authorization is issued by the Director of Planning at City Hall after a documentation teaching and technical analysis.

Building allow is an act which entitles a person to perform construction work.Obtaining building allow is held for a period of at least 2 months.This time varies depending on where it builds and complexity required to obtain authorization work.Acts construction is required by the certificate of urbanism, the first step to obtaining a building allow is issuing this type of certificate.

Our company achieved complete technical documentation for obtaining the building-DTAC-endorsed by the Inspectorate in Construction (ISC):

cadastre and registration (according to Law 7 / 1996)

topographic support (according to Law 453/2001, 50/1991) certificate of urbanism

architecture project

project structure

technical expertise (if required by the planning certificate)

geotechnical study

project electrical, heating, plumbing

thermal calculation

estimate of the work

evidence making out a project of Architects of Romania


To meet our financial offer personalized and we expect to launch these services in Ploiesti, Decebal 47, Prahova, Romania or contact at 0731319281, 0745066547;


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