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Landscaping is practicing the art trade arrangement or landscape element modeling of an urban space, public and private aesthetic and functional purposes. We are ready to realize the design in the arrangement of green spaces, ponds and waterfalls, and parks minisport land.

Our concern is the design of both public and private urban spaces.

Our mission is not only to design but to simply try to render an atmosphere appropriate to each type of beneficiary.

In our world of ideas and inspiration to achieve landscape architecture so we can design a garden that will soon become a place to relax, a place for leisure!


To meet our financial offer personalized and we expect to launch these services in Ploiesti, Decebal 47, Prahova, Romania or contact at 0731319281, 0745066547;

Our company offers a wide range of design services for design and maintenance of gardens and green spaces, including: establishment and maintenance of lawns, planting trees and shrubs, ornamental stone garden planning and rounds of flowers, making pavements and paths, building lakes, ponds, ornamental waterfalls and parks for public institutions or legal persons. We make such facilities so as to serve an aesthetic purpose.

Garden, green space or park will look good for a long time using perennials suited climatic conditions of our country, we recommend, and will have an additional annual flowers due muticolore beauty.

In the planning, as well as landscaping can create a virtual 3D image of residential, Spatial urban, the garden, the park or any other landscaping that you want to perform.

Design of green space is all that is shaping the land, drawing paths, making parts of water, rocariilor, planting proposal in the decoration

Our company will make measurements on the spot and will draw same surveys with data on the space surfaces, location, buildings, vegetation, neighbors, topographical surveys, soil studies, climate studies.

The project is done in 2D and 3D from the beginning to see how your space will look upon completion of works. The project will take into account consumer needs, environmental factors, development of plants, their colors, and other restrictive factors. With the project will present estimates.

In the second stage, following discussions with the client to prepare projects executed on the computer that will shape the project itself.

The project will be presented to the beneficiaries and will include technical information amounts of work, budget, etc.. Also propose and present 3D simulations - insights pictures and movies. Besides the four facades of the project will, as appropriate, roof plan and building plan for all levels.

From here you can start to achieve the technical documentation of the construction permit. In this way the project development time is shortened greatly.

We would be honored if you contact us to liven up your plans!


To meet our financial offer personalized and we expect to launch these services in Ploiesti, Decebal 47, Prahova, Romania or contact at 0731319281, 0745066547;


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